Scan, order
& pay

Redefine the way your diners dine! With Tofu, all it takes is a quick QR code scan from your customers’ phones, and voila - they’re ready to explore your yummy menu, pick their favourites, place orders and make a payment without skipping a beat. ✨

Faster tables, more orders, and fewer waits mean more smiles and happy vibes all around. So, why wait? Let’s make dining fun and fabulous together!

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How does it work?

1. Scan the QR code

When diners arrive, they’ll spot a QR code ready to be scanned. A quick zap with their smartphone and they’re in! No fussing with app downloads; it’s all there in their browser. We’ve poured a lot of love into making sure this part is snappy, reliable, and a breeze to navigate. 📱✨

2. Explore & order

Now for the fun part – scrolling through your digital menu filled with mouth-watering options. Whether they're craving a hearty main, a side to share, or another round of drinks, your guests can order at their own pace. And the best part? They can keep adding to their order until they’re content and ready to wrap things up. No rush, no fuss! 🥘🥂

3. Smooth sailing to bill pay

After a delightful meal, paying the bill is as smooth as the Tofu experience itself. Your guests can effortlessly take care of the check, ensuring they leave with satisfied bellies and happy memories. Trust in Tofu’s secure and straightforward payment process to provide a seamless end to a fabulous dining adventure. 💳🎉

A phone displaying a QR code
A phone displaying Tofu menu
A phone displaying checkout page

Why choose Tofu?

Streamline Your Operations 🔄

Here at Tofu, we’re more than just another tool in the toolbox—we’re your partner in culinary excellence. Dive into seamless restaurant operations with our intuitive app, transforming table-side ordering and payments into a smooth, buttery experience. Automate those tedious tasks, whip up receipts in a flash, and process payments like a pro. With Tofu, you’re free to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional service and creating memorable moments.

Rev Up Your Table Turnover ⏭

Get ready to turn tables like never before and watch your revenue skyrocket! Tofu is your secret ingredient to eliminating wait times, empowering customers to browse menus, place orders, and pay directly from their smartphones—all at lightning speed. Welcome a flurry of diners and create an extraordinary experience, one table at a time.

Seamless Dining, Every Time 🍽

Elevate the dining adventure with Tofu, where seamless is the name of the game. From the get-go, your diners are treated to a smooth journey, scanning QR codes and diving into your delectable menu with ease. Our platform is fast, reliable, and incredibly user-friendly, ensuring a flawless ordering and payment process. Tofu ensures a hassle-free and delightful meal every time.

Happy Customers, Happy Life 😊

Give your diners the freedom to explore your menu, customise their orders, and settle the bill at their own pace. It’s all about creating a relaxed, stress-free environment that leaves a lasting impression and turns first-time visitors into raving fans. With Tofu, happiness is served with every meal. Cheers to delightful dining and even happier customers!

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